Accredited Management and Leadership Online Course -Level 4

Proven success!

Over 3000 people have become more effective and productive managers thanks to this accredited management and leadership online course from IME.
As one of the most popular online management courses in the country, our customers have awarded us a 98% ‘excellent’ rating and many choose to continue to learn with us again and again.  This is because of our flexible online approach to learning, but more importantly, because we care about each customer, providing expert tutor support throughout the course based on your individual needs.
There is a reason for our proven success, its because the course works. So what are you waiting for? Join today and discover the leader in you!

What you will learn

This management and leadership course enables you to quickly advance your management and leadership skills to enhance your career. Whether you’re seeking a role in management or looking to improve your current leadership skills our course will give you the confidence along with the professional accreditation.

  • How to coach
  • Influencing ethically
  • How to motivate others
  • How to listen and give constructive feedback
  • The learning types
  • Understanding Teamwork
  • Preparing your personal pitch
  • Understanding Motivation
  • How to improve your CV
  • Creating spider maps
  • How to write effective business emails
  • Interviewing skills
  • Effective objectives
  • Brain Shower techniques
  • How to use the Johari window
  • Carrying out a SWOT analysis
  • Ending a supporting relationship
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Lead and empower others to achieve success

There’s little less rewarding than enabling a team member to grow, to influence their career and to bring out the best of their talent.
We show you how to do this with your current or future team members, giving you the unrivalled satisfaction of leading a team to their own successful future.

1-2-1 Bespoke support

Over the course duration, you’ll work towards your globally recognized qualification in your own time. Fitting the course to suit your lifestyle you’ll be able to learn on the move, at home or at work.

Harnessing the best of modern technology you’ll never lose interest as we use a variety of mediums to engage, inspire and train you to success. You’ll become involved in interactive webinars, benefit from one on one tutorials, have access to exclusive videos and join a community of others that have invaluable tips for helping you reach your leadership and management goals.

Our experts have all excelled in their chosen field and now they’re ready to show you how they did it. Qualified to MSc or MA and CIPD level, you’ll learn insider information from the very best.


Management and leadership course accreditation – our quality mark

Our course and materials have been assessed by national accreditation body OCN Credit for Learning and awarded up to Level 4. Level 3 equals 20-25 hours learning, and Level 4 is 30+ hours.

Our course is nationally recognised for its quality and excellence. Our quality assurances ensure that you to receive quality assured accreditation and a professional certificate to evidence your learning.

Interview success

We start from the very beginning, teaching you HR skills that enable you to select the best team at interview.
We guide you with questions specific to your industry, showing you how to recognize talent while giving you insightful information that will help you when you attend your own interview.

A great manager or leader can:
  • Increase productivity in the workforce
  • Increase efficiency
  • Ensure employees work as a team
  • Delegate successfully
  • Gain respect
  • Enhance the careers of others
  • Make complicated tasks simple
  • Ensure optimum collaboration that ultimately increases profits for a company
  • Organise effectively and recognise valuable skills of others
  • Make employees feel valued and enhance loyalty to a company

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