Accredited Management & Leadership Course

Accreditation Level 3 or Level 4 | Accredited by OCN Credit for Learning

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Over 3,000 people have become more effective and productive managers thanks to this accredited management and leadership online course from IME.

As one of the most popular online management courses in the country, our customers have awarded us a 98% ‘excellent’ rating and many choose to continue to learn with us again and again. This is thanks to our flexible online approach to learning and because we care about each customer, providing expert tutor support throughout the course based on your individual needs.

There is a reason for our proven success—the course works. So what are you waiting for? Join today and discover the leader in you!


“The course is remarkably practical and simple to apply to real life. Possibly the most useful course I have undertaken.”

– Carl McCarthy, Level 4 Awardee June 2014

What you will learn

This management and leadership course enables you to quickly advance your management and leadership skills to enhance your career. Whether you’re seeking a role in management or looking to improve your current leadership skills, our course will give you the confidence along with the professional accreditation.

  • How to coach
  • Influencing ethically
  • How to motivate others
  • How to listen and give constructive feedback
  • The learning types
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Preparing your personal pitch
  • Understanding motivation
  • How to improve your CV
  • Creating spider maps
  • How to write effective business e-mails
  • Interviewing skills
  • Effective objectives
  • Brain Shower techniques
  • How to use the Johari window
  • Carrying out a SWOT analysis
  • Ending a supporting relationship

Management and leadership
course accreditation—our quality mark

Our course has been awarded a Level 4 by national accreditation body OCN Credit for Learning, part of the Open College Network . This means the course is mapped to national academic framework and is externally moderated to ensure our quality remains high. Upon completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate nationally recognised for quality and excellence to add to your professional portfolio. A Level 3 can be considered comparable to A Level, and Level 4 is comparable to the first year of a degree.

Lead and empower others to achieve success

There’s nothing more rewarding than enabling a team member to grow, to influence their career, and to bring out the best of their talent. We show you how to do this with your current or future team members, giving you the unrivaled satisfaction of leading a team to their own successful future.

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