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If you are a young, unemployed person in need of career support, age 16-24 and living in the UK, our mentoring programme can help you. It’s completely free of charge and the great thing is we match your career aspirations to the mentors field of expertise so you will learn from a corporate executive working in the industry you wish to get into. Your mentor will share their inside knowledge of the role and industry and discuss available career paths to you.

They will also review and help you improve your CV, and prepare you for interview. Mentoring can take place online or face-to-face depending on what you and your mentor prefer, making it easy to take part.

Career Advice

We provide free career advice, supporting young people through our career mentoring programme. Youth unemployment is now one of the most serious challenges facing Britain. Over 900,000 16-24 year olds are unemployed, with little access to career support and training.

Our Numbers


The number of mentoring relationships created by IME since 2012


Percentage of young people secured full time work within 3 months thanks to the guidance of their mentor.


Percentage of surveyed mentors and mentees who would recommend the IME mentoring programme to a friend.


Percentage of all mentors who felt proud and happy that their employer joined the IME mentoring programme.


Percentage of all mentees who feel they have gained a greater insight into their chosen career.


Percentage of mentors and mentees who felt their sessions had helped to improve employability.

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Career Insights & Career Advice

We match our mentors’ field of expertise to your career aspirations. For example, if you are keen to get a job in marketing, we would match you to a Marketing Director. This means your mentor will be able to share valuable insights as to what the people on the other side of the interview table are looking for and will better prepare you for the role and workplace.

We have mentors from a variety of different industries and roles, so there are mentoring opportunities for everyone! However, if you have not yet identified your career path and need some help to find a direction, not to worry as we have mentors that will be able to help.

Skill Development

Your mentor will start by exploring career values and motivations, your strengths and weaknesses, then moves onto provide more tangible support such as how to improve your CV, cover letter advice, and interview practice and preparation. Your mentor will share worksheets to aid your professional development and help you get ahead.

Recognition and Learning Credits

At the end of your mentorship you will will receive the IME Award. This award holds a nationally recognised accreditation and recognises your efforts throughout the IME programme.

This award is a great way to help you stand out from your competition when applying for national internships and also job interviews, as it highlights to employers how passionately you want a job in your desired field and also that you are reliable and committed. You might even get a great reference from your mentor for your CV!

To receive the award, you must meet the following criteria:
Complete the programme from beginning to end, resulting in 24 hours learning in total.
Your mentor must award the you 24 points for your effort at the final evaluation.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the program (detailing your national accreditation) to add to your achievements file on completion of your mentorship.

Fast tracked into a career thanks to career advice from an IME mentor

The IME award is recognised by paid apprenticeship and internship programmes across the country and your participation can be used to fast-track you into a career opportunity.

Career Support – What is the required time commitment?

We ask for a minimum of one hour a week from both you and your mentor for a period of three–six months, equaling 24 hours in total. However, the time it takes to complete the mentoring programme is totally flexible, so you can complete it in a shorter time frame or choose to continue your relationship with your mentor. We have created successful mentorships that are still in touch one year on, and plan to stay in touch to provide support and guidance as different challenges present themselves throughout your career.

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