21st Century Leadership Skills

1/2 Day, 1 Day, Or 2-Day Course

About the workshop

This interactive workshop will allow you to fine-tune and expand your leadership qualities, using proven techniques that nourish your signature strengths and foster the ability to bring out the best in others.

The one or two-day workshop will be delivered by IME expert trainers and is suitable for individuals or groups who want to guarantee future leadership success.


“The course is remarkably practical and simple to apply to real life. Possibly the most useful course I have undertaken.”

– Carl McCarthy, Level 4 Awardee June 2014

What you will learn during the workshop?

  • Master the ability to confidently drive forward your own ideal leadership style
  • Build your knowledge and capacity to be the leader you can be, knowing how to maximise your strengths and leadership capabilities to the greatest advantage
  • Enrich, stretch, and extend the range and reach of leadership skills and approaches you can use to influence and engage with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations
  • Learn the new fundamental essentials of great relationship working from the latest neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership learning, and science of happiness approaches
  • Develop greater skills in achieving and keeping the best balance between the different roles, responsibilities, demands, aspirations, and expectations you hold
  • Learn advanced communication techniques for increasing your influence, authority, impact, and effectiveness with different people in different situations

The workshop is divided into two main concepts, which are covered on alternate days.


Day one deals with ‘Personal Mastery’, galvanising your belief in your talents and considering how these can be best applied in the workplace.


Day two is all about relationship building, explaining how you can use emotional and mental dexterity to inspire others and create a strong affinity with colleagues and clients. Collectively, the two days will empower you with the ability to increase your influence with others and be the best leader possible.

Common Questions

Is this workshop for me?

The workshop is popular amongst those who have to lead and influence a team and/or colleagues for effective collaborative working. However, the ability to lead effectively is not restricted to managers or directors; anyone can benefit from being able to motivate and energise others. By attending this workshop, you will hold the skills to deliver a positive impact at work, no matter what your current position is. As a persuasive and modern leader, you can give fresh impetus to the ideas, people, and processes that drive successful businesses across any sector.

Why should I take part?

If bringing out the very best in yourself was not reason enough to attend this workshop, you will also gain expert knowledge of the techniques that will allow you to bring out the very best in others. Being a 21st century leader, you help you develop the rare ability to consistently maintain excellent relationships with all those you meet at work and beyond.

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