Choosing nationally accredited training courses

Choosing nationally accredited training courses

corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering

Choosing Nationally Accredited Training Courses

There are so many types of nationally accredited training courses available online, it’s hard to know when ones will be best for you. This blog looks in a bit more depth at two of the most popular nationally accredited training courses offered here at IME: our online mini mba programmes and our mentoring training scheme.

  1. Mentoring training – what’s in it for you?

Mentoring training is a great way to boost your management skills. You get to mentor a young person who is starting out on their career, in a structured manner and with the support of IME all the way. What’s more, if you join our mentoring training scheme you will also be enrolled onto one of our nationally accredited training courses, boosting your skills and confidence even more.

IME’s mentoring training is the ideal way to volunteer your time to a worthy cause whilst also gaining more skills – all of which will see your career grow in leaps and bounds.

  1. Online mini mba programmes – the what, why and where?

So what are online mni mba programmes? Well here at IME we offer training that gives you everything you need to manage your work effectively, increase productivity and remove obstacles that may be holding you back. Our online mini mba programmes are nationally accredited so you know you are getting the best course out there. And what’s more, you can complete them from the comfort of your own home.

At IME we only offer nationally accredited training programmes, which means they have been independently assessed to meet high standards, something which employers will always look for on a CV. To find out more about our nationally accredited training contact us at IME now.

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