Become an online career mentor & tackle youth unemployment with IME

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Become an online career mentor & shape the future of a young person with IME

Mentor online – support young people through career mentoring

We are searching for business professionals who are looking to develop their skills in a socially responsible way and mentor a young person to a brighter future.

Our online career mentoring programme allows you to share your valuable career experience with a young unemployed person who is unsure of their next steps. By doing so, you will receive accredited training in management and leadership at a Level 4, teaching you how to coach the young person to success and influence ethically, making it a win win situation for both parties.

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Become an online mentor with IME

By becoming an online mentor, you can guide a young unemployed person towards his or her dream career and help them identify their future path.

We try to match you with a young person with aspirations within your field of expertise so you can be the expert and share your insights into the role and industry. We provide all the training and materials you need to mentor the young person and we will support you every step of the way.

What’s in it for you?

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to shape the future of a young person in need, you will also receive the following benefits:

Accredited Training – Level 4 Management & Leadership Training

This training will not only help you become a better mentor but also a better manager. You’ll learn how to coach, motivate others, plan effectively and much more. At the end of your mentorship you will receive a certificate detailing your Level 4 accreditation in Management & Leadership, awarded by OCN Credit for Learning (part of the Open College Network Group)  to aid your career progression and prospects.

Support throughout your experience

You will be assigned a mentor support worker to support you while you mentor and we provide mentor training and a structured programme of topics for you to discuss with your mentee over 11 sessions, taking you through the mentorship step by step. You also receive a range of helpful resources to use with their mentee to help them achieve their goal.


We have designed the mentorship scheme to be time-effective and efficient so there is no need to leave the office (unless you want to), as communication can take place through our online mentor platform. Our mentoring course offers an ‘online approach’ and only requires one hour per week, it makes it perfect for busy working professionals looking for a way to make a difference from their desk and without having to give up too much of their time.

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Criteria to take part

– Currently in employment with 2+ years experience in your role or career

– No criminal record

– Time commitment of one hour per week for approximately 3 months. However this can continue if both parties choose to.

Employee Volunteering – Are you a company and keen to take part?

We work with a number of companies across the UK and provide online volunteering opportunities for staff as part of your employee volunteering programme. If you are interested in offering this unique programme that not only benefits society, but also the skill set of your staff please contact us.

The benefits of employee volunteering

  • Each employee has full use of their personal IME online mentoring platform and resources to use with their mentee
  • National employee volunteering opportunities up, down and across the UK
  • Accredited training for all staff included
  • Time commitment of only one hour per week required – however this is flexible according to the needs of the mentor
  • Each member of staff has a dedicated mentor support worker to ‘mentor the mentor’ throughout their experience

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