How to make online courses work for you

How to make online courses work for you







How to make online courses work for you?


If you’re career driven and want to get ahead in business, you have probably started looking into training courses to boost your skills and give your CV that extra something. There are such a range of courses out there, from short online courses to full blown degrees, accredited courses to one-day workshops. If you’re reading this, you have probably already realised the many benefits of study online. But how do you choose the right online courses, and make them work for you?

What to look for when choosing online courses

  1. When trying to decide which course to study online, start by having a meeting with your manager and discussing where you want to go with your career, and what options are available to you. This will help you to decide what type of course to look for, whether it be a management training course or a mini MBA, you can choose a direction which will best suit your needs.
  2. Google is a great resource when looking for a course to study online. Once you have found a selection of online courses which look good, drill down a bit further and find out if the training provider is accredited. This is a great way to measure how good the course will be, because all accredited online courses will have been moderated and approved by an external governing body.
  3. Delve even further and find out how the course is structured. Will it include worksheets as well as webinars and video tutorials?
  4. When you study online a learning portal such as the one we use at Inspire, Motivate and Engage is an invaluable tool to help you work through the course and structure your learning. Have a good look at the learning provider’s website to find out exactly what resources are available to you.

Make study online work for you

So you’ve selected your course and got the go-ahead from your employer, fantastic! Now you need to schedule in some time to actually make a start. One of the biggest benefits of online courses is the ability to access the information at any time of day from anywhere in the world. At IME we do hold some interactive webinars and we have found it really beneficial to learners to take part live, but if for whatever reason you can’t, you can always listen to the recording in your own time. We also have a forum where you virtually meet and discuss with fellow students, a great tool to help you stay connected when you study online.

Staying motivated through online courses

Online courses are a great way to learn new skills and advance your career. And it’s totally up to you how and when you study online. What’s more, online courses are a great way to take control of your own career. And perhaps you are keen to move into a management role, but you don’t have the opportunity to get valuable experience managing staff in your current job. You could consider becoming a mentor and getting the experience for yourself!

Here at IME we run a professional mentor scheme which matches skilled employees such as yourself from all over the country with unemployed young people who could significantly gain from your skills and experience. As well as structured advice and guidance to help you successfully mentor someone, you will also have access to one of our online courses, Management and Leadership, to boost your skills even further.


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