Impactful Presentations

1/2 Day, 1 Day, Or 2-Day Course

About the workshop

Over two days, this Impactful Presenting workshop aims to significantly enhance your public-speaking skills so you have the confidence to deliver high quality, coherent, and thought-provoking presentations to all types of audiences. Unlike other courses, this workshop gives you the chance to hone your presentation skills in front of a supportive crowd, who will provide encouragement and constructive feedback.

Our expert trainers will personally address your individual concerns and we can guarantee that you will leave the one or two-day workshop with newfound knowledge and renewed self-belief.


“The course is remarkably practical and simple to apply to real life. Possibly the most useful course I have undertaken.”

– Carl McCarthy, Level 4 Awardee June 2014

What you will learn during the workshop?

  • Increase your confidence when speaking to an audience
  • Plan and shape an effective presentation
  • Use your body language and voice to communicate more powerfully
  • Make a great impression on your audience

The workshop is divided into two main concepts, which are covered on alternate days.


Day one of the workshop will go over the basics of highly effective presentation styles, including techniques that will help you stay relaxed and in control before speaking in public.

We will also look at how your posture, body movements, and vocal delivery can be valuable tools in entrancing an audience and having maximum impact with your presentation.


Day two will look at the construction of a perfect presentation, covering concepts such as sign-posting, rhetorical devices, and how to get the best out of PowerPoint.

You will then get the chance to put your skills to the test by devising and delivering your own superb presentation to other members of the workshop.

Common Questions

Is this workshop for me?

A well-delivered presentation can do more than hundreds of hours of work from behind a desk, so this workshop is the perfect opportunity for anyone that wants to uncover an impactful voice to share their hard work and ideas.

We cater to individuals, groups, and companies, ensuring that all attendees feel confident, informed, and relaxed when speaking in public, whether it be an impromptu speech or a formal presentation.

Why should I take part?

Few people enjoy speaking in public, but after this workshop you will understand that delivering presentations can be an exciting and enriching experience that boosts your self-esteem and makes you stand out from the crowd. Not only will worrisome presentations become a thing of the past, they may even be something that you start to enjoy!

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