Funding for Employee Training

Funding for Employee Training

Why IME’s Grants for Employee Training are beneficial for your SME?

Are you an SME facing the challenge of being unable to provide funding for staff training due to finance restrictions? Was your SME hit by the recent recession? Did you know that small businesses are expected to be the engine for future growth despite being hit the worst?

IME are here to help!

IME recognise that the largest challenge for the UK economy is achieving sustainable growth! IME are leaders in providing distant learning employee training courses. This year as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for 2014, IME are offering grants for employee training to 100 fortunate SME’s. The gift in kind funding for employee training provides access to our nationally accredited courses.

For as little as £10.99 per employee per month SME’s can gain access to courses worth £450 per person! IME will cover the rest, including ‘live’ weekly coaching sessions with the experts, all learning materials, on-going support and much more! Sound too good to be true? Take action before it is! With only 100 places available be sure to secure your SME this excusive offer of workplace training funding before it is too late.

Funding for employee training which is recognised by business and educational institutions nationwide for quality and excellence. To qualify for these grants for employee training, the SME must not exceed 1,000 employees.

As a beneficiary on this initiative, you can expect to receive funding for staff training and staff will have access to all our courses throughout the entire year. On completion of the course, staff will receive a national accreditation, so they can showcase the quality of their learning and workplace training funding.

Provide access for 5 – 15 employees on our distance learning courses per annum. Our support will allow SME’s to provide their employees with the opportunity to learn vital business skills to help advance the growth of not just themselves, but the organisation as a whole as well.

Each employee has complete access, 24-7 and the ability to learn while on the move, as courses are accessible from a PC, mac, smartphone or tablet. Flexibility is key for employees, allowing them to learn in a time frame that best suits them around their busy work schedules. Employees can choose to study from home or even from the office and can take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 12 months. It is completely up to them!

Unlike many online courses, staff can benefit from personal one-to-one support from qualified and dedicated IME trainers. Therefore online does not mean unsupported. IME already work with leading companies from around the world, including Allianz, Groupon, Milkround, OldMutual, Legal & General, Skandia and SouthEastern.

Help your employees learn vital business skills, which will benefit both them and your company. It is a win-win situation. In the words of Pablo Picasso “Action is the foundational key to all success”. There are only 100 places available in 2014 so we recommend you take action now!

To find out more please visit our newly launched website at, or alternatively you can watch our YouTube video on the following link

You can contact us at or on 020 3124 1005. Take your next steps to success with Inspire, Motivate and Engage.

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