New research finds career development opportunities key to staff engagement and retention

New research finds career development opportunities key to staff engagement and retention

New research has found that 92% of charities believe that career development opportunities are paramount if you wish to engage employees in 2014. Yet despite this, 85% cited reduced budgets for training as one of their main HR concerns, with 75% citing engagement and staff recognition as a significant challenge for the upcoming year.

Claire Atkinson, founder and CEO of Inspire Motivate & Engage (IME), who conducted the research explains: “We did this research to get a greater understanding about the challenges facing charities in 2014. These results clearly show that charities believe investing in training for staff can have significant benefits for the employee in terms of career development and general job-satisfaction. Likewise charities will benefit from a more engaged work force and increased performance. Although organisations are aware of the myriad of gains, they are often not in a financial position to invest in their staff as fully as they would like. This is especially apparent with charities who just cant afford the money, or the time, to send staff on training courses”.

Inspire, Motivate & Engage (IME) provide online training for non-profits as well as small businesses and individuals across the UK, Australia and the USA.

Last year they worked with over 3000 charities and businesses, providing nationally accredited employee training courses online, covering topics such as Management and Leadership; Career Coaching; and a Mini MBA in Peak Performance & Productivity.

In response to this research, IME has launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative providing funding for third sector training courses to employees who would not be able to access such programmes without financial support. The programme provides grants for employee training, and this year they have made 200 places available to charities across the country, offering over £5000 worth of accredited training as a gift in kind to each charity beneficiary.

Claire Atkinson continues: “We felt it was really important for IME to offer as many charities the opportunity to provide quality training courses as possible. We understand how tough it has been and as a socially responsible organisation, we wanted to do what we can to help. We focus on solutions rather than problems.”

IME are inviting charities to apply for the funding to use on IME online charity training courses, which takes the form of a gift-in-kind of up to £5852 worth of training for free. Charities will only need to pay a small subscription of as little as £4.99 per employee per month, depending on the number of staff who receive the training, to cover access to the learning platform, and IME will cover the rest of the costs.

Donna Pearson, general manager of the charity Pathways to Independence, explains why receiving the grant has been so beneficial for them: “As a newly merged organisation Pathways to Independence understands that one of the keys to sustainability is investment in a skilled and motivated staff team. The management and leadership development course offers an excellent opportunity for staff to study in a way that enhances their skills and offers flexibility to study at their own pace whilst gaining a recognised qualification that will enhance their personal development.”

Claire Atkinson from IME continues: “Each beneficiary will have access to the full IME course range, and staff can choose the courses they wish to access at any time throughout the year. By providing online training for charities, staff can complete their learning at a time convenient to them.”

To find out more about the courses and to apply for IME funding for employee training visit

To find out more about the courses and to apply for IME funding for employee training visit:

For media enquiries please contact: Rebecca Miller on 07956 268441 or

Notes to Editors
For a full copy of the research email:
The research was commissioned by IME in 2013

Structure of courses:

Participants have access to an online learning portal which provides:
• 24/7 access to course materials and support channels
• Online support from IME qualified trainers
• Learner platform compatible with PC, Mac, Iphone and android phones
• Module objectives and guidelines to help learners to get the most
from the sessions
They also receive support to maximise learning:
• Weekly expert led webinar coaching sessions with a professional IME trainer
• Access to our learner forum proving a community of support moderated by IME trainer
• Video and audio support per worksheet

Available courses:
Mini MBA Peak Performance & Productivity – a 6 module course
Management & Leadership level 3 and 4 – teaches the skills needed to manage a team and communicate affectively
Performance Coaching level 4 – includes coaching practice and an emphasis on experiential learning
Accredited Career Advancement Course level 4 – tailored for staff who are at risk of redundancy to help boost their employability

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