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The article published by UK Fundraising (25 March 2014) discussing research conducted by IME ran with the headline: ‘Meaningful work less important in charities than business’.

Below we delve a bit deeper into what these results really mean to small business and the charity sector.

In 2013 we conducted a survey of HR departments from 50 charities and 45 SMEs. One of the questions we asked was:

‘What do you think is key to engaging employees in 2014?’

The answers we received are outlined in the table below:


% SME respondents who agreed

% charity respondents who agreed

Opportunities for career growth
for top performing staff



Meaningful & rewarding work



Career development opportunities



Claire Atkinson, IME’s CEO explains: “Put in the context of the question, it is clear to see that charity respondents do not necessarily think that meaningful work is less important, but more that this is not one of their key areas for engaging employees in 2014. This could well be because charity staff are already highly motivated by the cause that they are working for, and the positive impacts of what they do. To me this statistic indicates that they already find their work meaningful and rewarding, and is a positive for HR departments who can concentrate on other areas of staff development and engagement.”

“It’s also extremely interesting to note that the majority of both private sector businesses and charities feel that the provision of career development opportunities is extremely important for staff engagement, as are opportunities for career growth. At IME we offer a series of accredited training courses aimed at giving staff the ability to grow and develop within their chosen career path.

“Our survey really highlighted just how important access to training and development is to both charity and business employees, despite growing pressure on budgets. This is why we decided to relaunch our CSR initiative for 2014, offering training grants to both charities and small businesses”.

Throughout 2014, IME are offering 200 charities a grant of over £5,000 in the form of gift-in-kind training from our range of courses. Each beneficiary will have access to the full IME course range, and staff can choose the courses they wish to access at any time throughout the year.

Added to this, we are offering a further 100 small businesses a grant towards their IME training courses too.

To find out more and to apply for a grant visit

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