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Flexible Mentorship over a period of three to six months

About the course

The IME Career Mentoring programme gives you an amazing opportunity to receive accredited management training, while giving back to a societal cause. The programme allows you to develop management and leadership skills while becoming a career mentor to a young, unemployed person aged 18–24, who is keen to break into your field or industry.

As a mentor, you will provide professional expertise and guidance to your mentee through a series of online or face-to-face meetings, making a genuine difference to the prospects and aspirations of an ambitious and dedicated young person.

Throughout the experience, you will receive accredited training to help you become an outstanding mentor and develop valuable skills in management, leadership, mentoring, and coaching.


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What you will learn during the course?

  • Coaching skills
  • How to give effective feedback
  • Active listening skills
  • Action planning
  • Setting effective objectives
  • Confidence building

Upon completion of the programme you will be awarded a national accreditation in Management & Leadership (Level 4).

You will then have the opportunity to put these skills into practice by nurturing the talents of an inexperienced yet more-than-willing mentee.

The training runs alongside your mentoring sessions, with online tutorial videos and modules, and you will also receive two one-hour coaching sessions bespoke to your developmental needs with one of our expert trainers to help you maximise your learning.

Who is the course suitable for?

Professionals are welcome from any business, including officer, manager and director-level staff. We are particularly interested in gaining the support from Math, Science and Engineering and Technology industries, due to women being vastly underrepresented in these sectors.

We match the young person’s career aspirations to your field of expertise, giving you the opportunity to ‘be the expert’ and share insight into your role.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to have a positive impact on a young person’s career prospects while enriching their own professional attributes is more than welcome to enroll. It is the attention and support that you provide to your mentee that really matters!

It’s a great opportunity for those who would like to get a taste of ‘line managing’ and coaching another person to success.

Why should your take part?

As a company:

The programme is a fantastic opportunity to reflect your company values and support young people in the communities in which you operate, while also improving the performance of your staff. It can also nicely support and tie in with apprentice, graduate, and volunteer programmes.

As an individual:

You have the opportunity to empower and inspire a young individual, while also aiding your own career development. You will be making a real difference where it matters most, enhancing the career prospects of your mentee and yourself through your skills development.

If you share our passion for drawing out the best in people and changing the world for the better, then this nationally accredited programme is the perfect choice for you.

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