Mini MBA programs or a management course – which to choose?

Mini MBA programs or a management course – which to choose?

Mini MBA programs or a management course – which to choose?


With such a wide selection of online courses out there, it can often make it difficult to decide which learning opportunity is best for you. It’s important to first consider your objective for completing a course in the first place. Is it to help you in your current role or is it more for professional development and a self-discovery exercise?

To use the IME management course and Mini MBA programs as an example, the management course is a good choice for those who are working in a management position, or alternatively, looking to move up into such a role. It wouldn’t be suitable for those who are unsure what they want to do in their career. In this situation it would be better to choose either a career coaching course or our Mini MBA programs, as these help you identify what career path is best for you to follow. The Mini MBA programs helps you identify signature strengths and explores what make you happy and fulfilled at work, whereas the career coaching offers more practical support, such as CV writing, social networking for roles etc. So be sure to read the overview of each course and the modules topics included in detail.

Due to the saturation of staff training courses online, it’s always best to ensure your money is well spent, so why not also call the training provider for a chat before confirming your place on the course? It’s always good to talk things through with a representative as it gives you the opportunity to find out more about the company and get a feel for their approach and whether it is right for you. If they are a reputable provider, they should be more than happy to help. If they aren’t, well it will make your decision much easier!

IME is a global online course provider. If you would like to explore IME’s staff training online courses, or in particular its Mini MBA programs or management course, click here.

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