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Take control of your career and make change happen

In these tough economic times, finding the right career can be tough, competition for promotion is rife, and professionals need extra skills to meet human resources demands.

Selling yourself may not be a task that comes easily, yet this is what we must do in order to advance in our professional lives.

Our courses enable you to learn the skills to advance your career and give you the edge over your competition by making sure your employers see your true potential. From helping you construct a CV that engages and inspires, to pitching for that promotion that you’ve always admired, we remove the obstacles and put a clear path to success in your way.

You not only receive the expertise to allow you to promote yourself effectively for life, you also receive a globally recognised accreditation that gives your CV a boost on its own. In just a few months, you’ll discover skills you never thought you had, unveil your hidden talents, and emerge confident as a result.


“The course is remarkably practical and simple to apply to real life. Possibly the most useful course I have undertaken.”

– Carl McCarthy, Level 4 Awardee June 2014

Achieve a national accreditation at Level 4 to boost your career development

Learn how to create a winning CV that will stand out from the crowd

Online platform compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android phones

Develop your interviewing skills and perfect your ‘personal pitch’ via our expert led online training sessions

Career-focused personal preferences assessment to help you better understand yourself

Using Tools to Suit You

Our courses adapt to your needs, to your position in the workplace and to your career dreams, ensuring you receive the training that will enable you to thrive. Harnessing the best of modern technology we not only show you how to promote yourself on paper and face-to-face, we train you in promoting yourself online.

With 80% of businesses using popular social networks to discover new talent, we teach you how to separate personal and professional personas so when an employer searches for you, they find the perfect person for their vacancy. We’ll adapt training to your preferred industry and give you expert networking advice so you can proactively make change happen within your career.

Don’t underestimate the power of promotion. You are the best person for the job, you just need to let people know.

The course will help you to:

  • Create a CV that captures attention, retains attention, and promotes action from the employer
  • Understand yourself and what would really make you happy in your career. As the saying goes, if you love your job, it doesn’t feel like work at all
  • Learn how to create a winning CV that will stand out from the crowd
  • Research your future employers, gain valuable insights that will help you excel at an interview, learn what the company is looking for and adapt your applications to be that person, and show you’re part of the team before they invite you for an interview!
  • Interview success – Learn the tips and tricks to convey yourself as a confident candidate even if you’re nervous inside.
  • Online networking – use your social media to your job hunting advantage, create professional profiles, and join networking events online, and sign up for clubs that have members looking for employees like you.
  • Ensure your pitch is delivered and you dazzle at your interview, securing that perfect career.
  • Self-promotion – Reveal your hidden talents and find out how to promote yourself across a range of mediums to secure the job of your dreams.
  • Online platform compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android phones.

Your Accreditation

The accreditation achieved through the course is provided by OCN Credit4Learning, and is mapped to the levels of the national academic framework – so our Level 4 course is equivalent to Academic Level 4 (undergraduate). Each student attains credits at this level, again equivalent to national standards, with one credit corresponding to 10 hours learning.

The credits achieved by each learner throughout the course are recognised by academic institutions and businesses across the country and can often be taken into account if a learner wishes to use their accreditation to then go on and train for a formal qualification in the subject.

Our accreditation means that the course is:

  • Quality assured for its excellence
  • Externally moderated to ensure our training standards remain high
  • And also allows learners to receive an accreditation and professional certificate on completion of the course to showcase their learning

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