The Mutual Benefits of Mentor Schemes

The Mutual Benefits of Mentor Schemes


The Mutual Benefits of Mentor Schemes

A close friend of mine works hard in her profession and is doing very well. But she has one stumbling block. She is reaching a point in her career where she is ready to take the next step up into becoming a manager. But she has a real barrier around people-management, having no experience of managing members of staff.

At the same tie, as part of her CPD my friend decided to become a mentor to someone hoping to get a job in the same field. She had weekly meetings via skype and email with her mentee, listening to her mentors experiences to try to understand what has gone well and not, and giving insights based on her own work experience.

In the process she realised she also had the opportunity to offer her mentee first-hand experience in wider projects, through an employee volunteering scheme.

As the relationship progressed, my friend thought about the elements of management – giving advice to a less experienced person, sharing knowledge and managing projects. She realised that when she decided to become a mentor, she was also increasing her own experience as well as that of her mentee.

By being a mentor and getting involved in an employee volunteering scheme, she was gaining management skills, and helping someone who genuinely cares about what they do. What’s more, she learnt about an accredited online course to further her knowledge even more – a win-win situation for both the mentor and mentee.

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