Upcoming Webinars


How to Build a Vibrant Audience to Sell to

October 10.00 am

Every business needs a plan to succeed. And the simpler this is the better. There are two key reasons why developing a plan is a good idea;

1. It provides focus so you spend more time on goal-related activities. And the more you focus on a goal, the better your chance of achieving it.

2. It removes guesswork and introduces more certainty into your business. When you have goals to measure performance against, you can clearly see how well you are doing.

You know that you need a strategy. But perhaps you’re not clear about the best way to create one. This session will give you a framework for creating a simple plan that you can achieve.

• How to make a quick assessment of the market potential for your idea.
• Blueprint – the framework that defines the five key components of a strategy you need to know.
• Business model -the different ways you generate revenue
• How to set goals
• Defining your target audience
• Sales channels you can use
• Forces that can impact your success
• The eight channels to build your audience.

Strengths Based Leadership

October 10.00 am

“Studies have found that people who use four or more of the top character strengths are more likely to experience job satisfaction, enjoyment, engagement and meaning in their work – irrespective of what these strengths are. In this webinar we explore ways to harness your greatest strengths to make, manage and sustain successful relationships, teams & collaborations, build engagement and resilience levels, maximise performance and productivity, and increase happiness at work.

օ Understanding your own Signature Strengths and how you can use these to greatest advantage – for yourself and the people you lead and work with;
օ Insights and findings from the latest research about the benefits of using increased positivity and strengths based approaches and how you can harness these powers;
օ Practical tools and techniques for building a strengths based approach into your individual work and leadership, your team working, and your external and wider collaborative relationships;
օ Consideration of these ideas in relation to real-life challenges and aspirations you and the other people in the webinar are facing. ”

Pivot Tables & Macros in Excel

October 10.00 am

In this webinar, we’ll learn how to use these advanced Excel functions to automate tasks. Pivot Tables can be used to generate reports and Macros can be used to automate a series of tasks. This webinar is suitable for anyone who is comfortable using Excel and wants to learn more advanced functions.

• By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:
o Create pivot tables to display data
o Create pivot charts to display data in graphic format
• Record and edit your own macros


Building High Trust Relationships at Work

November 10.00 am

This webinar considers some of the contemporary realities and newest thinking about why high trust relationships matter so very much to our success now, and then offers a toolkit of practical approaches and strategies for strengthening your own capacity for making strong authentic, trustworthy, highly engaging and resilient relationships.
“Four-fifths of an organisation’s market value is now in intangibles.” (‘Tomorrow’s Relationships: Unlocking Value’ 2014 report) and the need to forge and sustain high quality relationships might now perhaps be the single most important capability for our success today – as professionals as much as leaders, as well as organisations.

• Why relationships now lie at the epicentre of everything we do work
• Revitalising Learning Organisation capabilities and the disciplines of creativity;
• Harnessing the power and potency of positivity;
• Strengths Based Leadership and Facilitative Leadership;
• Using skilled dialogue, expert listening and the fine and difficult art of asking SMART Questions

Why Stories are the Powerhouse of Success

November 10.00 am

There is absolutely no doubt that the best way to make a powerful connection with your audience is with a compelling, attention grabbing tory.
We all know how hard to is to succeed today. Every business is super-competitive and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. Attention is the new currency of success. Without it we are invisible. Some people respond by shouting louder and selling harder. But high-pressure sales tactics no longer work. Everyone hates pushy salespeople don’t they?
So you need a more intelligent approach to grabbing attention and selling your ideas. And you do that by telling a story that excites your audience.

• How to develop and tell powerful attention grabbing stories.
• How to write stories that have star quality and maximum impact.
• How to use a proven structure to create great stories every time.
• How to design stories so they flow beautifully.
• How to present stories in a way that captivates your audience.

Writing a CV

November 10.00 am

Curriculum Vitae literally mean ‘The story of my life’. However, creating a winning CV is more sales brochure than biography.
In this webinar you will learn how to identify your career details that are relevant to a particular vacancy and create a document that persuades HR professionals and hiring managers that you are a candidate worth meeting.
A CV only has to succeed in achieving one key objective – to demonstrate to the employer that you are a candidate that matches the requirements of their specific vacancy.
In this webinar we will show you how to do this in
just two pages.

• Knowing what to include in your CV
• Choosing a format that works for your career history
• Uncovering the key information that will boost your credibility
• Making your CV match a vacancy
• Avoiding embarrassing errors


Dealing with Dissatisfied People

December 10.00 am

In this webinar we will open out the issues and difficulties of dealing with dissatisfied people, and provide key communication techniques to ensure the other person ends up feeling well treated, even when we cannot give them what we want.

• Defining Success: what do successful live communications sound and feel like?
• Identifying what makes communications feel like a good and even great experience from 2nd position – the other person’s perspective – even when they don’t get what they want.
• Core Techniques and Best Practice Principles – drawing particularly from Shelle Rose Charvet’s Words That Change Minds Customer Transaction Process: Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profiling tools for
o Decoding Customer Outrage.
o Understanding the likely communication and human priorities unhappy callers bring.
o A Four Step Approach for dealing with dissatisfied people.

5 Crucial Elements for a Successful Pitch

December 10.00 am

You can assert yourself much more effectively in your presentations when you are confident about what you are presenting. Many of us lack confidence and assertiveness as presenters because we are not sure how to put a presentation together to convey a strong and persuasive message.

In this webinar you will be taken step by step through a simple pitch scenario using the super useful acronym ARMED. Built in to the acronym are 5 key elements that are essential ingredients for any pitch or presentation you may have to give. With the right kind of planning and preparation you will be able to assert yourself much more effectively when you finally get up in front of an audience to deliver your all-important message.

• Introduction to ARMED
• Getting the audience’s attention
• The 3-part structure
• Focus on the audience needs
• The compelling key message

The Power of Communications Planning

December 10.00 am

Communication is the vehicle which allows humans to recall the past, think in the present, and plan for the future.” – Roy Berko, This Business of Communicating. In this webinar we discuss why corporate communications is so important, how it can strengthen morale, improve loyalty, and benefit a company’s bottom line. We will review the differences between Internal and External communications, and how to develop strategies for both.

• What is Communications?
• Why you need a communications plan
• How to develop a communications plan
• Internal vs External audiences


Build Your Assertiveness for Powerful Presenting

January 10.00 am

‘According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.’

Many of us identify with these words from Jerry Seinfeld. In this webinar, you will learn tools that will help you to become more confident and assertive when you are presenting. Through the focus of the 3 Circles of Presence, you will identify a strong, authentic platform from which to present and guide an audience in meetings and presentations to large groups of people.

• The key qualities of a powerful presenter
• The 3 Circles of Presence
• Controlling nervous energy
• Assertiveness through the voice and body

Introduction to Planning Skills – How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis

January 10.00 am

Fail to plan and plan to fail. Learn some basic planning skills to help you improve your deliveries in and out of work. Learn about using a SWOT analysis, the GROW model, PESTLE, the WRAP model and the six P’s. Think about how and why you plan and what you can do to improve your performance.

• Understand the importance of planning effectively
• Use models such as SWOT to help you improve your planning skills