Online Live Training as Staff Need It

Create a culture of ongoing skills development, empowering your people to work smarter and continuously improve their performance at work!

Why Attend Our Webinars?

Our webinar training programme offers a selection of live online training sessions that last for one hour each week. Participants can select from a range of professional skills subjects, choosing a topic that is right for them.

This flexibility to take part whenever your staff feels they need it results in projects being completed with more efficiency and with greater success.

Common Questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an interactive training seminar that takes place online. Think of it as a bite-size course, with each session covering a different subject, learning objectives, and outcomes.

How does it work?

Each session lasts one hour, so it’s easy for staff to fit it into their day or even a lunch break. Each participant joins individually via a computer, and all they need is a pair of headphones and a good Internet connection.

The Training Topics

We provide a wide range of subjects that will improve staff performance up, down, and across your business. Our Webinar Training programme offers you a hassle-free solution that improves staff performance for a fraction of the cost.

Take a moment to read the webinar subjects we provide, including the learning outcomes for each session.

Business Webinar Series

Professional Skills Webinars - Learning Objectives & Overview

Charity Webinar Series

Charity Professional Skills Webinars - Learning Outcomes and Overview

Benefits Include

Experts on Tap

Your staff will have direct access to leaders in their field on a weekly basis.


Staff chose training that is right for them, when they need it. It can work as an all staff option, or for just a few. It’s up to you.

Easy to Manage

We run webinar sessions each month, so all you need to do is communicate the upcoming opportunities to staff each month—that’s it!

Easy to participate

Each session lasts only one hour and takes place online, reducing time away from desks.

Great Range of Subjects

We run over 34 training webinars, so there is always something for everyone. We also add new subjects regularly so there is always something new to learn.


Over 100 organisations use our webinars for a reason.

Global Solution

People can participate from anywhere in the world.

“We received such fantastic feedback from the webinar. We would like to book more!”

Andreas Eracleous
Head of Performance & Learning
Legal & General

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