Why Leading a Team is Like Building a House

Why Leading a Team is Like Building a House

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Why Leading a Team is Like Building a House

There are many different elements involved in building a house, from designing the structure to sourcing the materials. Laying the foundation to fitting the roof and windows.

It’s easy to see how you could compare building a house to leading a team. Project management is one of the key skills involved – being able to pull together people from all different disciplines to make sure the project is completed on time, to budget, and of course completed well.

But that’s not the online reason why leading a team is like building a house. You wouldn’t embark on a project such as building without significant knowledge to ensure you did the job correctly. There are exact formulas which need to be followed to ensure you have a habitable structure instead of one which is going to fall down around your ears, and these are formulas which can be learnt.

It’s exactly the same with business and project management. You shouldn’t expect to be able to lead a team without the building blocks in place to ensure everything will go to plan. And this is where leadership management training is extremely useful. By embarking on online mini mba programs you stand to gain knowledge to put you in good stead to successfully manage a team. And once you have the experience necessary you could even look into volunteering online through a program such as the mentor programme here at IME.

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